Sage, also known as the Sage Group, is a resource planning accounting software company located in the United Kingdom that currently stands as the third largest company of resource planning software in the world and the largest for small businesses.


Currently, Sage can rightfully claim as having over six million customers from around the world, and that number is only continuing to grow. Why? The answer is because Sage is one of the most complete, versatile, and helpful software’s for resource planning from anywhere in the globe, to the point that it is largely changing how people run their small businesses. Those six million customers are divided between the retail, construction, real estate, transportation, non-profit, manufacturing, and healthcare industries to name a few, further illustrating the diverse number of ways it can help you.

(note: not to be confused with Sage, which dominates the free online accounting software Australia market.)

But how specifically is Sage software helping these people in small businesses? Sage provides virtually everything that a small business owner would need, such as tools that can produce invoices, pay bills and bank deposits, handle vendors and product assemblies, manage important documents, and take care of payroll for employees and record all information for up to five hundred employees (such as commissions, overtime, and emergency contact information), to name a few things.


As it stands, Sage simply offers the best and easiest to use resource planning accounting software on the market and sets the bar high for its competitors. Sage is changing the world because it effectively streamlines how a small business is run and thus enables a small business to grow on its own, regardless of the category of business you are in. Sage software is also incredibly safe because all of your information and business transactions are kept securely on your computer, and it offers you the choice for when you want to transfer any of your business transfers to the online cloud.

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