I’m always asked by individuals that are not familiar with Infusionsoft if they should choose it over a much simpler software application like MailChimp for e-mail marketing use. But they do not really understand that these two applications are hard to compare because they are very much different.

When you try to compare the two, you’re basically comparing a bicycle and a car, the bike as MailChimp and the car as Infusionsoft. MailChimp offers features that are basic like e-mail auto-responders, ability to track some click throughs, with some ability to identify exactly what is working and not working (You can run MailChimp on your mobile phone too). It is pretty simple, it looks clean, and yes, you can rely on it up to some point. The concern here is when should you migrate to Infusionsoft. It’s when you wish to move far from the fundamentals and begin discovering the best ways to manage all your campaigns, you may then think about changing. With Infusionsoft, it is possible to run your whole company from your marketing, e-mail, affiliate protocol, online buying cart to CRM and many others.

With all that clearly laid out, let me start by presenting to you what I think: Infusionsoft offers you a game changing opportunity to managing your company. The capability of MailChimp is simply one piece of what Infusionsoft can do.
When you are new in e-mail marketing, MailChimp can be a decent choice. This service is great when you have fewer than 2000 customers and 12,000 e-mails to manage. For a new business, MailChimp is enough but as your business grows, it wouldn’t be able to cope with your needs. If you have a vision of your company getting bigger, go for Infusionsoft right away rather than deal with the pains of migration later on when you choose to start with MailChimp.

MailChimp was developed with the developer’s purpose in mind which are:
1. broadcasting
2. automated e-mail follow-up.
MailChimp is not a fantastic CRM tool. It doesn’t give you the option for a shopping cart or the comprehensive monitoring systems that Infusionsoft can offer. What MailChimp can give you is a method to do automatic e-mail follow-up and easy analysis.
Furthermore, MailChimp provides reports on your traffic which should be synced with Google Analytics, enabling you to do so basic tracking of your customers’ internet activities but this feature is also present in Infusionsoft.

I’m a skilled online marketer, but I do not know anything about coding and the likes For individuals like me, this suggests that making use of numerous systems will either lead me to do lots of things or I’d hire designers to do the coding which could be difficult as it needs a gifted designer not to mention the fee.
Infusionsoft takes away the need for several systems because Infusionsoft does all the things I need: email marketing, a CRM, online shopping cart, and affiliate protocol– all in one.

The downside here, obviously, is the cost. Infusionsoft is far more expensive than mailchimp, to the extent that it’s difficult to justify purchasing infusionsoft unless you’re already making decent money online from your campaigns.

Mailchimps cheap costs make it a great option for a beginner, but be wary that you will most likely have to invest time and money to upgrade to a superior marketing system eventually.


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